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See how we work

We would like to understand your needs so that we can select the most suitable cooperation model. By “suitable”, we mean the one that will enable us achieve the best possible results.


Dedicated Team

In this model you gain constant support from a team of designers and researchers. They will build and develop your products alongside your team. With a fixed monthly fee, you can avoid unexpected costs.
With the Dedicated Team model we offer
Responsibility for the process we’re designing
Our team focuses on designing and implementing a process that will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. We can participate in meetings such as daily stand-ups and your team’s work planning.
Engaged team of senior UX, UI and research experts
In this working model, our designers join your team in order to thoroughly understand the project’s goals and challenges. This process allows us to plan long-term activities related to the development of your product effectively.
Flexible budget approach
At every stage of the project, we will plan our work together and determine the number of hours required to complete it. With this solution, you can monitor your budget in real-time. We work flexibly to optimize the costs you incur.

Design Lead per hour

An experienced Team Leader will plan out UX process that will translate into the achievement of your strategic goals. Moreover, they will assist in building a dedicated design team within your organisation.
Our Design Lead will
Create product strategy
Our Design Lead, a senior designer with at least six years of experience, will work with your team to create a product development plan. They will be supported by a mid-designer in larger teams.
Transform strategy into action
Our Lead UX and UI Designers will apply the planned strategy to work on your product. Firstly, they will develop the process workflow and then work for the whole team. This approach will turn plans into actual achievements.
Create your team
Together, we will determine the necessary set of skills for your team, and help you evaluate the UX and UI skills of your candidates. With out assistance you will create the dream team to achieve your goals.

Fixed Price

We will design your product or service within a previously agreed time and budget.
With the Fixed Price model we offer
Defining tasks and priorities
First, we get to understand your needs to determine the scope of work and priorities. Then, together, we decide on the plan and budget. We use tools and frameworks that facilitate collaboration.
Clear action plan
When working on projects, we always focus on working within a previously defined time and budget. Together, we will establish the scope of work and direction, which will help you achieve your business goals.
Highest project quality
To us, each project is unique. We provide you fully with our support, dedication, knowledge, and experience. Together we will outline goals that we will then achieve. We turn years of practice into action.

Let’s talk about a cooperation model that suits you

Let’s discuss a cooperation model tailored to your needs. Speak with our expert about the unique aspects of your business, goals, needs, and challenges. We’ll suggest a cooperation model most suited to your organization and provide you with a quote and action plan.