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Design Thinking: We’ll help you create innovative products and services that meet the needs of your customers

Running a business always comes hand in hand with a significant amount of problems to solve. Today, the digital product market is even more competitive, and customer requirements and needs change quickly and often. Businesses must therefore look for innovative ways to attract and retain customers.

Let’s take a look at the main business problems for companies with a digital product and how UX and UI design can help you solve them. 

Why is UX design important for business? 

When looking for ways to increase profits, often the first reflex is to invest in marketing campaigns. You optimize the sales path and constantly work to improve your product or service. You understand the market. You know your product inside and out, yet the numbers don’t add up.

Or maybe you’re just entering the market with a digital product and don’t know where to start? 

The world of digital products is a constantly changing ecosystem that can even surprise an experienced player. Add to that changing user preferences and behaviors, who are drowning in information overload and offered products, and you’ve got yourself an explosive mix. 

This is where UX & UI design and research come into play.

Top 4 business problems that UX can solve

Top 4 business problems that UX can solve : Low conversion, lack of competitive differentiator, inadequate user data, lack of relevant competencies within the company

Do any of these points sound familiar to you?

  • Do you want to be a few steps ahead of your competition, but are afraid of financial losses or misguided ideas in case of overly risky moves?
  • Do you have ideas for a new product, but feel that you and your team do not have the competence and/or time resources to create a digital product from scratch?
  • Do you prioritize innovation but do not fully understand your customers’ needs? You are not collecting feedback from users regularly?
  • Do you need a holistic UX and UI approach to all the processes you are working on? Someone to consult your ideas with?

All of these problems can be solved by UX and UI. They are like two connected vessels, where solving even one element can improve the situation elsewhere.

Let’s take a closer look at four main problems and their solutions.

Low conversion rate

Has your store started having a low conversion problem? See why users are abandoning shopping carts and improve user satisfaction.

User experience

Conversion rates are the make or break of a digital product. However, one of the most important factors influencing conversion is the user experience on your website or application.

Good UX is the difference between your users staying on your site longer, or immediately leaving and never returning. By making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, you generate greater sales and revenue.

Showing value

For companies operating in the SaaS model, it is crucial for the user to understand as quickly as possible what value your product provides. You don’t want a situation where a poor application causes users to cancel their subscription even though they like your service.

Inadequate user data

Are you collecting user data, but finding it inadequate? It may be helpful to use the services of an agency that will process and organize the data on the collected users.

Sometimes we only think we understand who our user is and what they want. We’ve been working on our product for a while. We did market research. For several years, we were doing quite well.

Until a moment of stagnation arrives.

At some point, it may turn out that our information is no longer adequate. Or the way we see our user is more wishful thinking than a fact supported by data.

Get to know your customer

UX designers know how to research and understand the needs and motivations of users. Accurate data that you obtain, along with thorough market research, will help you to:

  • get to know the competition and their products
  • understand the trends that govern the market and where they will go next
  • reduce the risk associated with designing and launching new products on the market

More information about your customer leads to better business decisions. And better business decisions mean higher revenues.

Missing a competitive advantage

There are just a few reasons that may hold you back from deciding to use a UX agency.

If you want to be a leader, you need to offer something that nobody else does. However, to do that, you first need to understand what your competition offers (we discuss how to do that properly in this podcast episode) and compare it with user data. Finding a differentiator is strongly related to the problems we discussed above.

In a crowded market, every detail can be the difference between standing out and blending in. By investing in UX design, you can create a unique, memorable experience that sets your company apart from the competition.

Smart UX and in-depth research will determine whether you will outperform others or they will outperform you.

Lack of appropriate skills within the company

Many business problems in UX can be solved with services from UX/UI agencies

Creating digital products requires specific skills and experience. Few companies that start with a digital product have the right people on their team, who can take care of both the technical aspects of the new product, as well as its successful market launch.

Inaccurate market research, lack of usability testing, or poor UX optimization of the website/application increase the risk of the investment in a new product not paying off.

Expert UX support does not necessarily require hiring someone full-time. For example, in our agency, you can take advantage of a specialist’s knowledge on a subscription, project or hourly basis. On-site in Warsaw or remotely!

Jakie rozwiązania możemy zaoferować?

Oto kilka przykładów usług naszej warszawskiej agencji UX/UI, które rozwiązałyby problemy, które omówiliśmy.

  • Projektowanie UX/UI — Zaprojektujemy najlepszego doświadczenia dla użytkowników Twojej aplikacji, usługi lub strony internetowej.
  • Research & analytics — Dogłębne badania i analityka, aby pomóc Ci zrozumieć potrzeby i zachowania użytkowników.
  • Design thinking — Pomożemy Ci stworzyć innowacyjne produkty i usługi, które spełnią potrzeby Twoich klientów.
  • Branding & identity — Kompleksowe rozwiązania brandingowe, opracowywanie strategii marki i tworzenie materiałów marketingowych.
  • Konsultacje UX/UI — Konsultacje i doradztwo w zakresie projektowania UX/UI oraz optymalizacji doświadczenia użytkownika.

What solutions can we offer? 

Here are a few examples of services provided by our Warsaw UX/UI agency that could solve the problems we discussed:

  • UX/UI Design: We’ll design the best experience for users of your application, service, or website.
  • Research & Analytics: In-depth research and analytics to help you understand the needs and behaviors of users.
  • Design Thinking: We’ll help you create innovative products and services that meet the needs of your customers.
  • Branding & Identity: Comprehensive branding solutions, brand strategy development, and marketing material creation.
  • UX/UI Consultations: Consultations and advice on UX/UI design and user experience optimization.


We know that budgets are always tight, leaving little room to maneuver. However, when working with a digital product, it’s worth investing in UX from the very beginning to avoid losses later on. We talked about the consequences of project debt in our podcast.

It’s beneficial to take a holistic approach when looking at a company’s business problems. Often, the solution involves optimizing processes and gaining an outsider’s perspective to identify and address the underlying issues that may have been overlooked. This requires someone with the ability to draw accurate conclusions and implement necessary changes.
You can take the first step today. Speak with our experts who will be happy to answer your questions. Without any obligations!