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Digital product development

Building a Design System

Do you need to streamline product development, shorten time-to-market, and improve application consistency? A Design System serves as a repository for your entire organization, acting as a guide to facilitate the design and implementation process.

Budowa Design Systemu Budowa Design Systemu
Design System building process

Defining the purpose and goals of a Design System

At this stage, the most important thing is to define what the Design System should achieve. The goal may be to improve the consistency of the project throughout the product or organization, streamline the design process, or reduce the production costs.


Creating a design language

This step involves developing a set of design principles and guidelines that will be used to inform all elements within the system. At this stage, we develop elements such as typography, color palettes, and icons. In addition, design patterns and layout templates may also be developed.


Development of a component library

This step is about creating a collection of design components for multiple use. The components are designed to be flexible and adaptable to different project contexts. They may include elements such as buttons, forms, and navigation menus. Ultimately, they will be easy to integrate with different products or projects.


Implementation and maintenance of a Design System

The final stage involves bringing the Design System to life by training designers and developers how to use it and establishing processes for updating and maintaining the library. This ensures that new components and updates are added to the library and that the system remains adapted to the organization’s changing design needs.

Design System team

Oskar Pokorski

UI Designer

Kuba Horna

Senior UI and Visual Designer

Karol B艂臋dowski

UI Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of building a Design System depends on the level, size, and complexity of the product. The basic building blocks of every library require about 40-70 hours of work. The time needed to prepare the remaining elements varies and depends on the complexity of the project. The Design System is built along with the development of the project, and the process of updating it never really ends. Only the intensity level of the work changes.

The cost is estimated based on the defined scope of the library at the very beginning.

We use Figma to build Design Systems.

Yes, but it requires a careful analysis of the current state and a decision regarding the standardization of elements. It is not a rule that building such a library is necessary. Talk to our expert to get an initial estimate of whether it is worth considering building a Design System for your product. Go to the contact form.

Building a Design System may seem like a costly and time-consuming investment, but having such a library translates into improving developer, design, and even marketing work. Building a Design System helps maintain consistency of graphic elements – both in your store and in email correspondence, advertisements, or social media. Our work standard involves preparing a Design System for every project, at least in the form of a UI Kit.

People who can use and benefit from a Design System are designers, developers as well as marketing teams.

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Marcin W贸jtowicz

Managing Director, Think Eco (reprezentant EMC)

Ilona and Radek founders of Zima UX UI

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