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eCommerce for B2B and B2C

Improve the usability of an existing platform

If you want to expand your online store, we can help you identify the real reasons why customers are not completing purchases or returning to your store. We will assist you in refreshing the website’s appearance and improving the experience for current and future customers. We will design solutions that help you increase conversion rates.

Polepszamy i poprawiamy do艣wiadczenia u偶ytkownik贸w. Polepszamy do艣wiadczenia
The goal of this process is to improve the usability of an existing platform to increase its conversion and retention rate.

Website’s usability audit

We will conduct an expert analysis of the website, which aims to identify blockers and errors on the user path. This step will be tied up in the form of a report which will include: a thorough analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, recommendations, and benchmarks for further design.


UX metrics

We will implement User Experience metrics and user behavior analysis tools such as GA or HotJar. With them, we will compare the results of proposed changes.



We will conduct usability tests and interviews with current store customers to learn about their needs. This will allow us to quickly and iteratively determine the direction of changes.


Designing the new purchase path

We will design a new customer-friendly purchase path and additional functionalities. We will also recommend a layout for the store’s content to better support sales.


Product categorization and SEO

We will categorize your products so that your store’s customers can easily and intuitively reach specific products, and that the selected keywords support SEO. We will test proposals using quantitative tests (Tree Jack).


UI and the Design System

We will prepare a new graphic interface, which will unify the store visually and improve its functionality. We will create a new component library that will facilitate design and development work.



You will receive continuous UX and UI support through monitoring performance indicators. We will regularly discuss established measures and jointly prepare a strategy for raising them. At the same time, we will provide A/B tests, Tree Jack, and design new features.

Team in charge of improving the usability of an existing platform

Ilona Skarbowska

Co-founder | Strategy Designer

Joanna Sabak

Senior UX & Service Designer

Gosia Szostak

UX Designer

Najcz臋艣ciej zadawane pytania

We always start a usability improvement project with an audit and analysis. This may take two to three weeks. You can find similar projects and data on the time taken for each stage in our portfolio section. This information will help you estimate how long your project might take.

We offer three audit packages, and the appropriate package is chosen after consultation with the client and an analysis of the scope of the project. The cost of an audit ranges from 5 to 33,000 PLN, depending on the selected package. In addition to a UX analysis, the audit may include user research, expanded benchmarking, as well as quick fixes, which are small solutions but can make a big difference.

Yes, we can also only design a new user interface for you. Please schedule a free consultation with us to determine the scope of work you need.

Miko艂aj Moszy艅ski, opinia naszych klient贸w.

“ZIMA allowed us to look at the client’s needs from a perspective that was previously unknown to us. They question and investigate everything to ensure that the client won’t question anything later on. Thank you.”

Miko艂aj Moszy艅ski

Develops FoodTech startups

“After implementing the new product page and listing, the number of customer inquiries for product features such as price, availability, color or finish options, dimensions, and scale has significantly decreased. I am very satisfied with the results and highly recommend the company.”

Alan Ahmad

Head of Client Service at Yestersen

Opinie naszych klient贸w

鈥淚 used to associate Zima (meaning winter in Polish) with a rather uninteresting time of year. However, the ZIMA agency has truly transformed my perception of the word. Working at the highest level may sound like a clich茅, but we haven鈥檛 felt this well taken care of in a long time as an organization. Their preparations for workshops and meetings have been exemplary, and their work itself is refined down to every detail. With 20 years in the e-commerce industry, I consider their UX/UI level to be exceptionally high. That’s why it’s only natural for me to recommend them. Anyone looking to elevate their UX/UI now knows where to turn.鈥

Pawe艂 Frieske

ReflectGroup.pl owner

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