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Digital product development

User research

Not sure if you know your customers? Need to enter a new segment and want to understand its needs? Take advantage of our designers expert knowledge and at least six years of experience.


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Design process for your products UX Strategy

Defining research objectives

Based on defined business goals, we will determine the research objectives that will help us prepare the research scenario.


Method selection

To successfully achieve research objectives and verify hypotheses, it is necessary to select the appropriate research method. Exploratory methods, such as in-depth interviews or diary studies, allow us to validate questions when we need to understand a new segment or introduce a new service or product. User research or exploration through design will help us develop specific solutions.


Desk Research

In-depth market research is a part of every study, and involves collecting as much available information as possible from the Internet and literature. For example, different solutions, forum posts, research reports on the behavior of certain groups or their characteristics.


Research tools

We use market-tested tools that allow us to conduct research quickly and efficiently. We also design custom tools that enhance participant’s engagement when performing tasks and helps them achieve their goals faster.


Recruitment for studies

The key to gathering authentic data is proper recruitment of the research group. For the recruitment process, we need a detailed description of the customer profile we want to research. We handle the entire recruitment process, including participant compensation.



Our researchers carefully analyze materials (recordings, notes, completed tasks, and boards) in search of valuable insights, which are transformed into the most important findings.


Research report

The result of each study is a research report. Depending on the study, it may include descriptions of segments and personas, hypothesis validation, user needs, their pain points, interface errors, or benchmarks. Each report contains a scale of importance of a given insight and recommendations for changes.

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Frequently asked questions

Research, such as usability tests and in-depth interviews, is the best way to find out what our future or existing customers need, how they make purchase decisions, or what frustrates them when using your product. Through research, we can verify whether an offer is tailored to the user or whether it needs some changes. Insights gained through research translate into product development and, in the case of new services, help tailor the offer to the real needs of users. Research gives you the confidence that you won’t waste time and budget designing an inadequate offer for your user.

Quantitative research, such as marketing and market research, answers the questions “what?” and “to what extent?” In user research, we look for answers to the question “why is a particular phenomenon occurring?” For example, data on declining conversions without examining the reasons for the decline will not tell us much. When we learn the reason behind a change, we can begin to prevent it. User research allows us to shorten the path to find the right solution and reduces the risk of making wrong decisions.

User research is the process of collecting and analyzing information about user needs. We use the information to create a product and service offering that best meets their expectations. A well-conducted needs assessment indicates what issues are most important to users and which ones are less important to them. This information helps us determine the order of tasks. User research is essential if you want to understand user expectations, create a product or service that meets their needs, and thus build loyalty to your brand and increase user satisfaction. Understanding user needs saves time and budget, as you don’t work on solutions that may ultimately fail.

Researching user needs is recommended in situations when you: – want to gain knowledge about the needs of users of your product or service – introduce a new offer to the market – enter a new segment but have no information about its specifics – find out why a particular solution is not performing – validate your idea – design a solution that will meet the needs of users of your product or service well – learn how to improve an existing product and make it more attractive – need inspiration.

In each case study, which you will find in the Portfolio tab, you will find data on the time spent on individual stages of the design process. The information there will help you estimate how long it may take to complete your project.

During the first consultation with an expert, we will discuss your needs and tailor the scope accordingly. Based on this, we will determine the cost. To do this, simply click the button in the top right corner of our website, which will redirect you to the contact form.

We use research methods such as: in-depth interviews, diary studies, mystery shopper method, usability tests, extensive desk research, concept testing, tree testing, A/B testing, analysis of user behavior on the website (Hotjar, GA), surveys, and preference tests.

Yes. We are responsible for recruiting users for our studies.

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“ZIMA allowed us to look at the client’s needs from a perspective that was previously unknown to us. They question and investigate everything to ensure that the client won’t question anything later on. Thank you.”

Miko艂aj Moszy艅ski

Develops FoodTech startups

“From the very beginning of working with Zima, I felt I was working with individuals who understand my needs. Zima鈥檚 team is open to feedback and willing to make changes. The created project meets my expectations. Upon finishing, I felt that something truly unique was created. However, while the results are impressive, the process is often more important, I myself feel I have learned a lot from it. I highly recommend working with Zima, especially if you value relationships, good communication and transparent cooperation.鈥

Ada Lal

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Ilona and Radek founders of Zima UX UI

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