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eCommerce for B2B and B2C

UX audit of your platform

Are you running an online store and don’t know why your conversion rate is dropping? We can help. Our UX Audit is designed to identify any roadblocks or issues on the user journey that may be affecting your sales. We’ll outline best practices and provide recommendations for further design changes.

Audyt ekspercki Twojego sklepu Audyt ekspercki Twojego sklepu
The process of preparing a UX Audit for your eCommerce site


First, we define the goals, scope and range of the audit. Then, we prepare an audit plan and select appropriate analysis methods.


The Mystery Shopper

We will check the entire customer experience of your platform using the Mystery Shopper method, which involves going through the entire customer journey – for example, from ordering a particular service to its completion.


Data analysis

Alongside, we will analyze data from tools such as Google Analytics and Hot Jar.


Usability tests

Using research methods tailored to the goals established during KickOff, we will collect feedback from your current customers as well as from your competitors’ customers. This might include functional tests or in-depth individual interviews.



By gathering and analyzing solutions from competitors and similar products, we will provide examples of alternative solutions and best practices. This data will be part of the final report.



The final result is a report with analysed data, recommendations, and benchmarks. Suggestions for next steps will also be included.

eCommerce Team

Marta Jakubowska-Sobczak

UX Designer & Researcher & Team Leader

Magdalena Barwińska

UX Designer

Joanna Sabak

Senior UX & Service Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

A UX Audit can take from two up to three weeks. Time of the audit depends on the level of complexity of your platform and the number of user paths available.

As part of our service, we offer 3 audit packages. The appropriate scope is chosen after a consultation with the client and analysis of the scale of the challenge. The cost of the audit ranges from 5 to 33,000 PLN depending on the selected package. In addition to our expert analysis, the scope of the audit may include, user research with customers of your online store, expanded benchmarking, and quick-fixes – small solutions that can bring big changes.

To conduct a proper audit, we need information about your platform’s users. This can include data obtained from Google Analytics, heat maps, survey tools, newsletter CTRs, as well as financial data such as cart values.

To conduct an audit of your online store, we will need data from at least one year, so that we can understand how your business is performing in different seasons. If you do not have such data, we will try to achieve the best possible outcome using information available from other sources. We do not undertake an audit if the available data covers a period shorter than a quarter.

There are several situations in which it is worth to conduct an online store’s audit. It can be helpful if there is a decrease in conversion, sales, or financial data, but we are not able to fully diagnose the cause. It is also worthwhile to take advantage of an audit when there have been no changes to the website for a year – an audit combined with a competitive analysis will show us how circumstances have changed in our industry. An audit will also be helpful when we are looking for ideas to improve our business and need expert analysis of our operations.

The report will include identified errors and their significance for the operation of the online store, as well as recommendations for changes, quick fixes, and benchmarks.

No, the audit report will not contain any design solutions. It will however, include several recommended changes, quick fixes and benchmarks.

Mikołaj Moszyński, opinia naszych klientów.

“ZIMA allowed us to look at the client’s needs from a perspective that was previously unknown to us. They question and investigate everything to ensure that the client won’t question anything later on. Thank you.”

Mikołaj Moszyński

Develops FoodTech startups

“From the very beginning of working with Zima, I felt I was working with individuals who understand my needs. Zima’s team is open to feedback and willing to make changes. The created project meets my expectations. Upon finishing, I felt that something truly unique was created. However, while the results are impressive, the process is often more important, I myself feel I have learned a lot from it. I highly recommend working with Zima, especially if you value relationships, good communication and transparent cooperation.”

Ada Lal

Food influencer

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