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physical product with an app
user journey

The onboarding funnel for Nowa Teraz Matura, a textbook enhanced by digital resources.

In line with current trends, Nowa Era is releasing digital add-ons for its Nowa Teraz Matura textbooks and handbooks in the form of an application. Explore how we designed the onboarding funnel and information architecture.
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lejek onboardingowy nowa matirea
architektura informacji
wzrost konwersji
optymalizacja checkoutu
redesign karty produktu
checkout optimization
conversion rate increase
information architecture
product card redesign
UX Research

How to increase your conversion rate by 25% in four months?

Have a look at our case study of an online store specialising in promotional items for B2B companies. They reached out to us with the challenge of improving their path to purchase. Our task was to implement targeted changes (evolutionary approach) that would align with their website traffic and guide buyers to complete their purchases. All with minimal reliance on offline activities.
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jak zwiększyć konwersję open
voice controlled application
artificial intelligence
case study
Native speaker
project based
voice interface

The future of language learning – AI as a native speaker

Looking ahead: AI as a native speaker in a voice-controlled application. A native speaker on your phone? Conversations with an AI. A glimpse into the future of voice-controlled applications. A mobile native speaker: learning a language with artificial intelligence. An innovative voice-controlled application. Can artificial intelligence teach a language? This voice-controlled application aims to help users develop language habits and overcome their resistance to speaking.
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