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Good user experience drives growth.
We design it.


We won an award in Poland’s first UX competition.

What do we do?

We design UX, UI and create experience strategies for existing and emerging companies. Our interface designs for digital products and services achieve market success and are loved by users.

B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions

Our team designs unique stores that customers enjoy returning to, by creating intuitive shopping paths and configurators. We conduct UX audits, usability tests, and analyses to enhance the shopping experience, while also establishing and monitoring success metrics.
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Working with startups

Our experts have been helping startups grow for over seven years. From pitch decks to MVPs to product development, our team has the experience to support you at every stage. We can also provide support during the pivot phase, helping you to redirect your efforts if needed. Our team has the experience and expertise to help ensure the success of your startup.
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Development of existing digital products

We will help you understand the user perspective and establish UX success metrics. This will make your product even better – you’ll see how design can support your efforts and help you build a community of returning users.
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Our work

Our success is the success of our clients. That’s why we are happy to see when our deliverables support the achievement of our clients business goals, help them attract investors and win awards!
physical product with an app
user journey

The onboarding funnel for Nowa Teraz Matura, a textbook enhanced by digital resources.

In line with current trends, Nowa Era is releasing digital add-ons for its Nowa Teraz Matura textbooks and handbooks in the form of an application. Explore how we designed the onboarding funnel and information architecture.
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lejek onboardingowy nowa matirea
architektura informacji
wzrost konwersji
optymalizacja checkoutu
redesign karty produktu
checkout optimization
conversion rate increase
information architecture
product card redesign
UX Research

How to increase your conversion rate by 25% in four months?

Have a look at our case study of an online store specialising in promotional items for B2B companies. They reached out to us with the challenge of improving their path to purchase. Our task was to implement targeted changes (evolutionary approach) that would align with their website traffic and guide buyers to complete their purchases. All with minimal reliance on offline activities.
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jak zwiększyć konwersję open
voice controlled application
artificial intelligence
case study
Native speaker
project based
voice interface

The future of language learning – AI as a native speaker

Looking ahead: AI as a native speaker in a voice-controlled application. A native speaker on your phone? Conversations with an AI. A glimpse into the future of voice-controlled applications. A mobile native speaker: learning a language with artificial intelligence. An innovative voice-controlled application. Can artificial intelligence teach a language? This voice-controlled application aims to help users develop language habits and overcome their resistance to speaking.
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Sectors we design for


When designing marketplace solutions, we focus on creating intuitive shopping paths and user-friendly platforms for buying and selling. We prioritize user satisfaction and their experience of your business. We also conduct UX audits and suggest improvements, reflected in your success indicators.

logo_yestersen orteneo

Medical / MedTech

We understand the diverse needs of patients and design our services to be accessible and friendly to everyone, in accordance with WCAG standards. With a deep understanding of the market segment’s limitations and functional requirements, we provide solutions that help you achieve your business goals.


SaaS like solutions

We specialize in building SaaS products that capture user interest. By identifying key functionalities and addressing flaws, we propose the best solutions to increase user satisfaction and reduce customer churn.


EdTech & e-learning

Can learning be engaging and enjoyable in today’s world? Absolutely! Together with Wydawnictwo Nowa Era, we’re changing the way children and teenagers perceive education. We transform familiar educational solutions into an engaging digital adventure.


Software houses

Our experience complements the composition of software houses perfectly. As experts in Service Design and UX Design, we help create friendly and intuitive software interfaces. We work closely with programmers to find the best and most functional solutions.

Webellian Cognitum

Our clients

Emmanuel BuebVinesia

We reached out to Zima because we needed an agency to assist us in creating a product MVP. We were seeking a partner who could provide strong expertise, understand the WEB3 environment, and be flexible. Vinesia is a startup in the seed phase. In less than 3 months, we developed the UX design for the mobile and desktop versions of the Vinesia.com – marketplace for physical NFTs. We worked with Asia, Ilona, and Marta, who helped us simplify the complex wine investor journey. They also designed clear and user-friendly communication that emphasizes Vinesia’s values.

Emmanuel Bueb

CEO of Vinesia

“From the very beginning of working with Zima, I felt I was working with individuals who understand my needs. Zima’s team is open to feedback and willing to make changes. The created project meets my expectations. Upon finishing, I felt that something truly unique was created. However, while the results are impressive, the process is often more important, I myself feel I have learned a lot from it. I highly recommend working with Zima, especially if you value relationships, good communication and transparent cooperation.”

Ada Lal

Food influencer

Mikołaj Moszyński, opinia naszych klientów.

“ZIMA allowed us to look at the client’s needs from a perspective that was previously unknown to us. They question and investigate everything to ensure that the client won’t question anything later on. Thank you.”

Mikołaj Moszyński

Develops FoodTech startups

Opinie naszych klientów

“I used to associate Zima (meaning winter in Polish) with a rather uninteresting time of year. However, the ZIMA agency has truly transformed my perception of the word. Working at the highest level may sound like a cliché, but we haven’t felt this well taken care of in a long time as an organization. Their preparations for workshops and meetings have been exemplary, and their work itself is refined down to every detail. With 20 years in the e-commerce industry, I consider their UX/UI level to be exceptionally high. That’s why it’s only natural for me to recommend them. Anyone looking to elevate their UX/UI now knows where to turn.”

Paweł Frieske

ReflectGroup.pl owner

Maja poleca usługi UX UI Zimy

“Zima did an outstanding job designing a website for our hackathon and the Web3 Devs Poland community. They created an original design that perfectly matched our requirements, and they delivered it in record time, with the first version ready in just three days. I highly recommend Zima to anyone in need of top-quality website design!”

Maja Cholewka

Founder, Fr3ns, Web3 Devs Poland, HackOnChain

Opinie naszych klientów.

“Between January 2022 and May 2022, Zima worked on a platform for a hospital and clinic for EuroMediCare. The project was exceptionally extensive, including a holistic approach to UX and UI. All tasks were completed with due care. I highly recommend Zima as a reliable partner delivering UX and UI services.”

Marcin Wójtowicz

Managing Director, Think Eco (EMC representative)

“After implementing the new product page and listing, the number of customer inquiries for product features such as price, availability, color or finish options, dimensions, and scale has significantly decreased. I am very satisfied with the results and highly recommend the company.”

Alan Ahmad

Head of Client Service at Yestersen

We are impressed with the results of the research conducted by Zima. The wealth of information we received has significantly expanded our understanding of both our customers and our products. Zima provided us with precise research findings and a set of valuable recommendations that have fuelled our ongoing efforts.

Our client from the Education Industry

Jędrzej Babis Vinesia opinia referencja

They speak in business language, not industry jargon, which you as a client might not understand and which makes communication within the team difficult. The UI designer, Kuba, created stunning graphic designs. In their designs, Zima remembered to maintain logical transitions between users, resulting in a consistent project.

Jędrzej Babis

Time For Friends IT Project Manager

We value the prompt delivery of projects and a profound understanding of IT business and its needs (technology and knowledge about our clients). They always deliver just what is needed – they chose services for us wisely, which we benefited from.


Market Development Manager

Michał Witkowski Ation Center

Zima UX, UI & Design Strategy delivered the project on time, thanks to their effective project management and clear understanding of the project’s goals, scope, and limitations. The hard-working, highly competent team delivered high-quality work and led a smooth, productive workflow throughout.

Michał Witkowski

Ation Center, CO-Founder

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