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Hi! We’re Zima!

Our mission is to develop businesses by delivering the best (human) experience.

We focus on people’s experiences and emotions

Human beings are our top priority, regardless of whether we call them users, patients, clients, or consumers. We value relationships with our clients and within our team, knowing that this is how we create the best experiences.

We are a team of skilled experts

Our team is comprised of experts. The lead designer, with whom you will work on your project, has at least six years of experience and an impressive track record. They will work with you on your project to ensure its success.

We grow with you!

The success of every client brings us great joy, just like the achievements of our designers. We believe that together we can achieve so much more!

We know business and understand its goals

We believe that good design and a successful business go hand in hand – one cannot exist without the other. We know how to combine the two to achieve our, and our clients, goals.

In our work we prioritize


As designers, we work closely with our clients, getting to know their needs, goals, and the challenges they face. We maintain direct communication throughout the entire process, collaborating to find optimal solutions at every stage from analysis to implementation. Together, we work towards the success of the project.


Curiosity helps us better understand our clients’ problems and their users. We ask lots of questions and delve deeply into every new topic. We always aim to get to the root of the problem, finding solutions that effectively address the needs of both users and clients.


A diverse range of perspectives is an important aspect of our design work, which is why we design in duos or in larger groups. This approach allows us to complement each other’s competencies, exchange insights and ideas, ultimately arriving at the best and most fitting solutions.

Goal achievement

Our focus is on the goals our clients want to achieve. We design solutions that help them attain their objectives, whether that’s building completely new digital products or enhancing existing ones. We also assist in planning their future development to ensure alignment with their established business strategy.


We value transparency and open communication. We communicate our needs, both project-related and interpersonal, honestly and openly. We provide each other with candid feedback and keep each other informed of any issues or mistakes that arise.

Get to know us

Radek Rejsel

Co-founder | UI & Strategy Designer

Ilona Skarbowska

Co-founder | Strategy Designer

Marta Jakubowska-Sobczak

UX Designer & Researcher

Magdalena Barwińska

UX Designer

Joanna Sabak

UX & Service Designer

Iryna Mamai

UI Designer

Gosia Szostak

UX Designer

Oskar Pokorski

UI Designer

Julia Romanowska

UX Designer

Kuba Horna

UI Designer

Julia Szczepanik

Office Manager

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“From the very beginning of working with Zima, I felt I was working with individuals who understand my needs. Zima’s team is open to feedback and willing to make changes. The created project meets my expectations. Upon finishing, I felt that something truly unique was created. However, while the results are impressive, the process is often more important, I myself feel I have learned a lot from it. I highly recommend working with Zima, especially if you value relationships, good communication and transparent cooperation.”

Ada Lal

Food influencer

Mikołaj Moszyński, opinia naszych klientów.

“ZIMA allowed us to look at the client’s needs from a perspective that was previously unknown to us. They question and investigate everything to ensure that the client won’t question anything later on. Thank you.”

Mikołaj Moszyński

Develops FoodTech startups


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