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checkout optimization
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How to increase your conversion rate by 25% in four months?

Have a look at our case study of an online store specialising in promotional items for B2B companies. They reached out to us with the challenge of improving their path to purchase. Our task was to implement targeted changes (evolutionary approach) that would align with their website traffic and guide buyers to complete their purchases. All with minimal reliance on offline activities.
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Radek z Zima UX UI

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Would you like your customers to use your store more willingly, thanks to an exceptional user experience? Reach out to our expert and discover how.
Opinie naszych klientów

“I used to associate Zima (meaning winter in Polish) with a rather uninteresting time of year. However, the ZIMA agency has truly transformed my perception of the word. Working at the highest level may sound like a cliché, but we haven’t felt this well taken care of in a long time as an organization. Their preparations for workshops and meetings have been exemplary, and their work itself is refined down to every detail. With 20 years in the e-commerce industry, I consider their UX/UI level to be exceptionally high. That’s why it’s only natural for me to recommend them. Anyone looking to elevate their UX/UI now knows where to turn.”

Paweł Frieske

ReflectGroup.pl owner