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eCommerce for B2B and B2C

eCommerce B2B

We understand that the needs of B2B customers differ from those of B2C customers. B2B customers make purchases in a different way and pay attention to different elements, which is why we help B2B businesses build websites that support sales to other companies while minimizing the involvement of salespeople.

eCommerce B2B i B2C różnią się potrzebami. My to rozumiemy. eCommerce B2B i B2C różnią się potrzebami. My to rozumiemy.
Process of preparing an eCommerce for B2B

Strategic workshops

The key to designing an online store for a business customer is to understand their needs and the way they currently make purchases. It is important to determine the value that will motivate the customer to make purchases online. To achieve this, we conduct workshops and jointly determine these key elements.



We prepare a project concept, purchase paths, and messages at every stage of the purchase process. We design the UX and UI for the store and oversee its implementation.


UX metrics

We implement User Experience measures and tools to analyze user behavior. These tools support your business and measure the UX of your store. They allow us to continually improve your e-commerce.


Post-implementation support

We provide ongoing UX and UI support for your e-commerce site by monitoring metrics. In addition, we prepare A/B tests and design new functionalities.

eCommerce Team

Ilona Skarbowska

Co-founder | Strategy Designer

Oskar Pokorski

UI Designer

Julia Romanowska

UX Designer

Frequently asked questions

In the B2B model, the buyer is a company, not an individual. In the case of B2B store transactions, each company will request an invoice, which happens much less frequently in the case of B2C stores. In B2B sales, attention is focused on the net price, sometimes requiring the design of different price lists or the design of a specific price configurator. Communication style is also different – in the case of B2B, the main defining factor of communication will be the type of industry we are addressing.

In the case of researching the needs of B2B users, the context of online purchases is important – the habits and preferences of the buyer, whether the person making the purchase is a decision-maker in the company. Information from people who interact with our personas on a daily basis also plays a crucial role – for example, if we are digitizing an offline product into a digital product.

We use your client database or find them through networks like LinkedIn. These methods usually work well.

Mikołaj Moszyński, opinia naszych klientów.

“ZIMA allowed us to look at the client’s needs from a perspective that was previously unknown to us. They question and investigate everything to ensure that the client won’t question anything later on. Thank you.”

Mikołaj Moszyński

Develops FoodTech startups

“From the very beginning of working with Zima, I felt I was working with individuals who understand my needs. Zima’s team is open to feedback and willing to make changes. The created project meets my expectations. Upon finishing, I felt that something truly unique was created. However, while the results are impressive, the process is often more important, I myself feel I have learned a lot from it. I highly recommend working with Zima, especially if you value relationships, good communication and transparent cooperation.”

Ada Lal

Food influencer

Opinie naszych klientów.

“Between January 2022 and May 2022, Zima worked on a platform for a hospital and clinic for EuroMediCare. The project was exceptionally extensive, including a holistic approach to UX and UI. All tasks were completed with due care. I highly recommend Zima as a reliable partner delivering UX and UI services.”

Marcin Wójtowicz

Managing Director, Think Eco (EMC representative)

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